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  • Malia

    Its always so good when Malia Reynolds comes to take care of me! She does such an amazing job! Miss her much . Thanks Jared, Sam ,and Caleb he help😁

  • My Plan…..

    Well, as you know I’ve been praying about what to do and as I discussed with my Dr. last week about not doing treatment and with whats going on, we felt this was the best plan for me. I’m getting lots of visitors, love , texts, and phone calls when I can which keeps me going. I know God has a plan and I will be here until my mission is complete. I choose to do His will. Over the years I’ve learned that His will always seems to be best. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be going to Hawaii, making plans on our next move, making blessings, baptism, and wedding dresses. But there’s that part of me that is excited to see what God has planned for me on the other side and I cant wait to watch it all play out on the big sceen and help in places and people I wouldn’t be able to here. And not mention give all those that have gone before a great big hug and lots of kisses. Because that is something I tend to hold back on here. Its not you, its me🤣